Who is C.Andrew

I’m a Digital Artist from Germany and I have studied at two art academy’s in Berlin; Game Design, Art and Communication Design. As you can see, I’m a very versatile working kind of type for I am doing many different things, but my specialty lies in digital and conceptual art, just as script writing and the rest is rather based on a hobby. I am highly interested in games and movies of all kinds and genres. Even though I have my favourites, I am very eclectic. Based on my love of art, storytelling and especially character design, I went to the art college in Berlin, leaving my hometown and family in South Germany. fotome

It’s kind of fun to do the impossibleWalt Disney

I attended courses like Game Design, Comic, Art Directing, advanced photography and animation to name a few. After successfully finishing the art college, I went to the Games Academy, where we were creating games in teams. I loved the creative time I had, therefore I’d like to thank my friends for the great time and experience (games are playable in my portfolio). Due to developer events, conventions and the Game Academy, I’ve met many interesting people which I am still interacting with and they were amazing mentors to me. Those people worked for Disney, Marvel, Crytek and Bigpoint and they gave me an extensive insight of the work society. During University I graduated an internship at Upjers and another one at Goodgames Studios as a concept and 2D artist. I’ve learnt a lot about the function and expenditure of work and also met all kinds of people from all over the world. Wherever it may be, inland or abroad, I am ready for any adventure that might come on my way.

Cain Andrew is an artist’s name of mine, which is always abbreviated as C.Andrew. As for artist’s name and pseudonym, I represent probably the same attitude as many other actors, musicians and artists. They find their own name pretty awful or not easy to memorize, sometimes to protect their own privacy. When you meet the signature SW in conjunction with C.Andrew, that’s an indication of my real name.